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Breaking Cover

Stella Rimington

Breaking Cover
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ISBN: 9781408859704


Back in London after a gruelling operation in Paris, Liz Carlyle has been posted to MI5's counter-espionage desk. Her bosses hope the new position will give her some breathing space, but they haven't counted on the fallout from Putin's incursions into the Ukraine. Discovering that an elusive Russian spy has entered the UK, Liz needs to track him down before he completes his fatal mission - and plunges Britain back into the fraught days of the Cold War.

Reviewed on 6th July 2016

Book nine in the Liz Carlyle series. I picked it up dubiously, remembering that I'd found the previous novels to be quite weak. Clearly I was being a fool as I've just looked back at my comments on the last couple of books in the series and they are overwhelmingly positive.

This book follows Liz, and the regular secondary characters, as well as several new ones, as they investigate a vague threat from Russia against the British intelligence services.

It's another fantastic story that focuses on realism and telling a story that's completely believable, with just the right balance between plot and character, as it continues developing their lives. My only gripe would be that there is one key scene that I felt I was seeing from the wrong perspective and it seemed clumsy that it was the one moment that I wasn't able to follow what was happening because I didn't have all the information I wanted as a reader.

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