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Cari Thomas

1st August 2022

Cari Thomas debut novel about a young witch growing up in London under the slightly too careful watch of her aunt provides everything necessary in a modern fantasy novel - world building, character, mystery, and adventure.

The world is slowly revealed to us layer by layer, without needing to paint all the detail but with hints that there is plenty more to discover. The characters are rich and varied and fascinating to find out more about, and particularly to see the main children evolve and grow their own understandings of the world they inhabit.

The plot is not overly complex, but felt a bit unbalanced in terms of how much of it came right at the end of the novel, and I think my brain is still digesting all the things that happened there.

I’ve already bought the follow up novella, and recommended this book to friends. So I look forward to reading more from Thomas in the future.

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