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The Indian in the Cupboard

Lynne Reid Banks

The Indian in the Cupboard
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ISBN: 9780006730514


For Omri, it is a dream come true when the plastic American Indian he locks into the old cupboard comes to life. Little Bull is everything an Indian brave should be – proud, fearless and defiant.

Reviewed on 29th December 2021

A recently rediscovered classic from my childhood, this is the story of Omri and his toy indigenous American, who comes to life when subjected to being locked in an old medicine cupboard with a magic key.

While it does feel a bit dated, and the historical accuracy feels quite dubious, it was still fun to read and experience a lot of plot details that I’d forgotten.

I’ve immediately bought the three out of four sequels I don’t already have, and plan to also revisit them (or I think read the final one for the first time) soon.

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