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A Colder War

Charles Cumming

A Colder War
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ISBN: 9780007467501


Thomas Kell is a disgraced agent who longs to come in from the cold. When MI6's top spy in Turkey is killed in a mysterious plane crash, his chance arrives, for Kell is the only man Service Chief Amelia Levene can trust to investigate the accident.

In Istanbul, Kell soon discovers that there is a traitor inside Western Intelligence. Then he meets Rachel, the dead spy's daughter, and the stakes grow higher still.

Reviewed on 29th July 2019

The second Thomas Kell novel sees the exiled former spy called back into action when his former boss suspects one of their colleagues of being a mole, leaking intelligence to Russia.

As with the first book, it really quickly grabbed my attention and was a compulsive read. There’s a lot going on, and yet the author manages to put it together in a way that’s easily readable and fun to roll along with.

I’ve really got back into spy novels recently and Cumming’s have been a big enabler of that. It’s the classic mix of exotic locations, mixing work and pleasure, and that impression of a secret world just below the surface that you can almost see out of the corner of your eye.

Another excellent story, and a series and author I will return to soon.

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