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Apocalypse Cow

Michael Logan

Apocalypse Cow
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ISBN: 9780552166690


When scientists with warped imaginations accidentally unleash an experimental bioweapon that transforms Britain's animals into sneezing, bloodthirsty zombies with a penchant for pre-dinner sex with their victims, three misfits become the unlikely hope for salvation.

Abattoir worker Terry Borders' love life is crippled by the stench of death that clings to his skin from his days spent slaughtering cows; teenage vegan Geldof 'Scabby' Peters alternates between scratching furiously at his rash and baiting his overbearing New Age mother; and inept journalist Lesley McBrien struggles forlornly in the shadow of her famous war correspondent father.

Reviewed on 29th May 2014

I’d been meaning to read this for a few years since it was announced as co-winner of the inaugural Terry Pratchett award, and I’ve finally got round to it. I was in no way disappointed by this book.

It’s pretty clear what’s going on - there’s an outbreak of zombie cows near Glasgow, and we follow the standard set of random people in a plot that resembles the standard zombie apocalypse movie. The writing is witty, clever, and engaging - the violence graphic yet entertaining, and the author manages to balance the darkness of the story with light and humorous moments and amusing commentary from the various characters with whom we’re aligned.

The plot moves at a good speed and twists in both expected and unexpected ways - I never knew turning the page whether I would get what I was expecting or a new surprise. A really enjoyable and satisfying read right up to the final page.

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