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Robb Pearlman

23rd June 2024

The second Star Trek Prodigy novel is a novelisation of a video game based on the TV series. It seems to be set immediately after the first novel, somewhere in the early second half of season one.

The crew find a mysterious message and set off to investigate, only to lose each other across three planets infested with baddies.

I can’t actually see quite how this would map to a video game, so in that sense it’s either a good novelisation or a weird game.

Compared to the first Prodigy novel though, I don’t feel like this manages to capture the characters’ voices as well. It gave me less of the evocative sense of the TV show, and felt just that bit less immersive as a result.

The plot isn’t bad, but felt like the connection to existing baddies was tenuous and could have worked equally well without that aspect that felt like it risks being contradicted by later TV episodes.

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