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Graham Norton

29th July 2018

This is the first Graham Norton novel that I’ve read, after years of seeing him on the telly, and it was lent to me by a friend after she finished reading it.

The story is set in a typical Irish village, populated by a variety of seemingly ordinary characters (including, conveniently, a police officer) who are living their lives when one day a body is found while some building works are taking place. This of course has the usual effects - dragging more police to the village, casting suspicion on everyone, and dragging up ancient history.

It is ultimately a take on the classic whodunnit with perhaps a little more of a modern understanding and take on the world and particularly the emotional state of those involved, and the story reflects on the changes in attitude over the previous decades in Ireland.

I enjoyed reading it and finding out what would happen. The narrative is light and humorous and I certainly wouldn’t say no to reading more of Norton’s novels in future.

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