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The Cat Who Caught A Killer

LT Shearer

The Cat Who Caught A Killer
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ISBN: 9781529098013


Meet Conrad. Conrad is a cat. You’ve never met a detective like him before. Neither has Lulu Lewis, until he walks into her life one summer’s day. Mourning the recent death of her husband, the former police detective had expected a gentle retirement, quietly enjoying life on her new canal boat, The Lark, and visiting her mother-in-law in a nearby care home. But when her mother-in-law dies suddenly in suspicious circumstances, Lulu senses foul play and resolves to find out what really happened. And a remarkable cat named Conrad will be with her every step of the way.

Reviewed on 28th April 2024

This was a charity shop purchase which I’m absolutely delighted by.

I was caught totally off guard right away when the book went somewhere so different to what I was expecting, and I was hooked.

I read the entire book in 24 hours, it’s so well done, easy to read, funny, and with a plot that draws you forward at a great pace.

There a tough line with a plot like this where the crime is so personal to the main character, and Shearer treads this excellently, balancing the serious nature of the crime with the lighthearted presentation of the interaction between the two main characters.

Despite the brevity, the running gags entertained me every chapter. I’m definitely going to need to read the sequel soon.

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