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Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats

Jenny Parks

Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats
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ISBN: 9781452167626


From encounters with the Borg to adventures on the holodeck, Captain Picard, Commander Data, Counselor Troi, Doctor Crusher, and the rest of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D crew are reimagined as cats with lovingly detailed and eyebrow-raising scenes from throughout the award-winning series.

Reviewed on 22nd January 2024

This fun little book depicts the main characters and key scenes from the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series as if they were cats.

All other aspects are totally true to the series, and this makes it both a pleasant trip down memory lane, as well as a fun set of cat pictures to look at.

There are some places an almost feels a bit too real and extends into the realm of slightly creepy.

Overall though an entertaining ten minutes or so, which could be stretched out if you budget yourself to maybe one page a day, or could entertain your Trekkie guests as a coffee table book.

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