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The Shadow Cabinet

Juno Dawson

The Shadow Cabinet
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ISBN: 9780008478551


Despite thinking they’ve thwarted the prophecy, the witches are still reeling from the events of the past few months. Ciara now occupies her twin sister’s body as she prepares to take on the role of High Priestess. But why are the sinister government agents of the Shadow Cabinet so invested in her coronation? And then there’s the small matter of Dabney Hale: freshly escaped from Grierlings prison, he’s on the hunt for a mythical object that will give him unimaginable power. Leonie’s brother is on the trail, but doesn’t know the danger he now faces, and so she sets off to bring him home and bring Hale to justice.

Reviewed on 25th June 2023

The sequel to Her Majesty’s Royal Coven continues the adventures of a group of women whose perfectly normal lives as witches have been massively disrupted by the men in them.

I wasn’t sure where this was going to go after the events of the first novel, but it takes us down a really interesting route exploring both new and old characters and building out more of the world, the backstory, and being action packed in itself.

It took a couple of chapters to get back into, particularly getting my head around one character’s new situation, but from there on I stormed through at full pace.

Really enjoyable reading, full of humorous but also serious political jibes, and realistic scenarios despite the fantasy setting. I can’t believe I have to wait again to find out what happens next.

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