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Hannah Kaner

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ISBN: 9780008521462


Kissen's family were killed by zealots of a fire god. Now, she makes a living killing gods, and enjoys it. That is until she finds a god she cannot kill: Skedi, a god of white lies, has somehow bound himself to a young noble, and they are both on the run from unknown assassins.

Reviewed on 27th May 2023

I picked this up purely on the strength of the marketing, which it seems I’ve become a sucker for. It’s a story of a woman who travels the country as a freelance killer of gods (gods being illegal), but also of a couple of other characters equally, who have their own complex views on the whole god situation.

I enjoyed it, racing through the back half on a couple of long train journeys. The world building is thorough, the characters are compelling, and they play off against one another well.

I especially liked the town built on a bridge that features around the middle of the book. I thought this was a fascinating idea and made for quite a few interesting scenes.

I shall be looking forward to the rest of the trilogy.

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