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The Return of the Archons

Brian J Robb

The Return of the Archons
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ISBN: 9781913456245

Reviewed on 5th April 2022

I’d heard of Obverse and their various Archive series before via Twitter, but it was only when I heard they were going to release a Star Trek series that I took the plunge and pre-ordered the first three entries.

And so the first book of the Gold Archive. It’s essentially a prolonged essay on the episode The Return of the Archons, considering the historical background of the episode, the themes that it brings up, and the echos of the episode through subsequent Trek shows.

It’s a more academic style of text than I am typically used to reading, but not in such a way that makes it dry or unreadable. I enjoyed dipping in and out, reading a few pages at a time, and learning more about this episode in more depth than I think I’ve seen it thought about elsewhere.

I’m glad I made these purchases, and intrigued to find out whether this example is going to be typical of the series, or how varied they will become.

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