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Crystal of Storms

Rhianna Pratchett

Crystal of Storms
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ISBN: 978140719968


When the Nimbus isle suddenly crashes out of the sky into the Ocean of Tempests below, you must explore the remaining islands, and battle both storms and sea beasts in your mission to raise Nimbus from the deep.

Reviewed on 11th October 2020

This is the first Fighting Fantasy adventure I’ve tried - inspired, as I’m sure many others will be, by the choice of author. Rather than a novel, this is a choose-your-own adventure style game, which I’ve not tried since I was a child.

It’s clear that the format has evolved somewhat, as this has taken elements of role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, and involves combat and skill tests to find out how well I do on my adventure.

Sad to say, on my first attempt I failed totally to complete the mission - but I’m not put off and will try again soon!

A really enjoyable diversion for a few hours, and one that I’ll certainly try out on younger family members in the future.

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