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Q Are Cordialy Uninvited

Rudy Josephs

Q Are Cordialy Uninvited
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ISBN: 9781476778822


The wedding of Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher was a small, private affair overseen by the mayor of La Barre, France, and witnessed by the groom's sister-in-law and the mayor's wife. At least that's what the happy couple always told their friends. On the anniversary of that blessed day, however, Worf and Geordi La Forge manage to coax the real story out of the pair, to discover a tale of mythical treasure and a lost civilization in the Delta Quadrant. It all begins when the omnipotent being Q crashes the festivities, declaring himself best man and bringing along an unwilling guest as a surprise for the groom.

Reviewed on 18th October 2014

Another excellent novella in the Star Trek ebook-only line, this time giving the story behind one of the events that occurred between earlier novels - Captain Picard's wedding.

The story is a succinctly told adventure featuring a number of returning guest characters that Joseph writes perfectly. I very much enjoyed reading it and hope the author is able to contribute further to the Trek novel line.

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