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Book of the Year 2014 | 30th December 2014, 01:08  
At the start of the year I published a post listing my books of the year from 2009 - 2013 and promised that I'd announce a 2014 winner.

I've read just over 100 books in 2014, and of those awarded five stars to eleven of them. I've spent some time this evening working out which to shortlist for the award.

I assembled the 11 books on the longlist, lined them in alphabetical order, and paired them off. I then re-read my reviews of each and eliminated one from each pair. The last book alphabetically got a bye giving me 6 books remaining.

I repeated the process to get down to a final three:

Dead Tomorrow by Peter James

A story in the Roy Grace series, in which a woman with a desperately ill daughter is dragged into a plot to buy organs. Really good characterisation and a completely believable plot.

On The Last Day of Christmas by Chris Brookmyre

A novella, really short, that re-introduces the journalist Jack Parlebane, down on his luck and working for a daily in London, as he's offered the story of a lifetime. Takes real world events in the world of journalism and uses them to good effect in what's nominally a comedy but is actually quite serious.

Police by Jo Nesbo

Possibly the final Harry Hole story. Really emotional - it's rare a book can get me that involved with the characters the I honestly fear for their lives.

So who will win? Or will I read something better in the remaining 48 hours of 2014?

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