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On the Last Day of Christmas
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On the Last Day of Christmas


Kendra has spent her whole life struggling against the Etonian powers-that-be, so when she realises her boss is up to no good, she turns whistleblower, calling a journalist who is looking for a way to fight back himself.

Jack Parlabane is a hack who will go to desperate lengths for a good story, and these days desperate is the word.

Reviewed on 1st November 2014

Jack Parlabane, famed investigative journalist with unorthodox methodoly and star of many of Brookmyre's earlier novels returns after several years' absence in this short novella with unclear title (the ebook's title begins with the word 'On', but this word is absent on the cover image). In this tale we find the character down on his luck, working the news factory for a daily paper in London, when coincidence lands a promisingly juicy story in his lap.

While it is short - parts of two train journeys was enough to get through it - it's typical of the classic Brookmyre style, with witty narrative, amusing situations and a fantastically entertaining choice of language throughout. Yet it also makes you think, and has a really solid core of plot and character behind it.

I'm very much looking forward now to the new novel in January (2015) and hoping that this short shows the way of things to come. Excellent if you already love the Brookmyre comedic novels, and probably quite a good introduction for the first timer.

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