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This is the Acceptable Use Policy for,,, and all subdomains thereof.

A - You can't post stuff in comics, comments, blogs or on the forums that:

1) Breaks laws.
2) Violates someone else's rights.
3) Yes that includes copyights etc.
4) Is libelous.
5) Is mean (e.g. threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable).
6) Harms little kiddies.
7) Impersonates anyone.
8) You aren't legally allowed to.
9) Is spam (unless Monty Python related).
10) Violates ICANN regulations.
11) Provides anything to people the US Government thinks are terrorists (please note, terrorists are not permitted to view this site).
12) Could be construed as 'Stalking'.
13) Has any financial data.
14) Promotes anything illegal.
15) Tells people how to break the law.
16) Promotes cruelty to animals.
17) Is a picture of extreme nature (that's extreme porn, violence etc., not extreme nature as in really big ants or something).

B - We reserve the right to alter/remove any content posted to this website if:

1) It breaches the acceptable use list above.
2) It is offensive to the English Language.
3) It is not posted in English (exclusions apply for parts of webcomics where it is relevant to the plot, however translation must be available).
4) It is offensive.
5) It is old.
6) It is objectionable.
7) Our database is too full.
8) We have an accident and delete the database (sorry).

C - We may use cookies on the site when you sign in so that we know who you are. When you sign out these cookies should be removed. If you don't want the cookies, don't sign in.

D - You agree to give this website and its operators eternal licence to use any content that you post on this site's comments systems.

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