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The Final Detail
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The Final Detail

ISBN: 9781409117117


Myron screwed up. His job was to protect someone. He fell in love with that someone and then she died. End of story. So he's dropped out, left, run away to the Caribbean to escape his guilt. But now everything that he left behind has come back to haunt him. A friend is in trouble, murder trouble. The victim? One of his own clients. In order to help his friend, Myron must battle for her freedom - against her own wishes...

Reviewed on 21st June 2013

The sixth book in the Myron Bollitar series follows closely on from the fifth, as the character deals with the repercussions of his actions. As such, it feels deeper and more emotionally real than the previous novels, while retaining the disconnect from reality that gives the series its entertainment value.

The main plot follows Myron as he tries to help his business partner, who has been arrested on suspicion of murder. It's much more of a classic whodunnit than the series to date, and the plot is more realistic, lacking some of the more unbelievable types of scenes and action that the earlier books were littered with.

The narration retains its informal style - sometime too informal I felt as there are occasions where it breaks the fourth wall, which feels uncomfortable, particularly as it's not all the time. The characters also all seem to be becoming more rounded - it almost feels like the author has become bored of the simplistic nature of some of the earlier books and he's trying to turn the series in a new, more series, direction.

Coben's work is pure escapism and I enjoyed reading it - it's a nice contrast with a lot of crime stories that are written to be realistic and can get hard going after a few in a row.

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