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Fade Away
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Fade Away

ISBN: 9781409117070


Myron Bolitar once had a promising career as a sportsman, until an accident forced him to quit. After a spell in the FBI he now runs his own business. Then Myron is approached to find Greg Downing. He knows Greg from old - they were once rivals, not just in sport, but for a woman they both loved. Now Greg has vanished, and the team boss wants Myron to find him, before news of his disappearance is leaked to the press. In Greg's house Myron finds blood in the basement - lots of it. And when he discovers the body of a woman, he begins to unravel the strange, violent world of a national hero gone wrong, as he comes face-to-face with a past he can't re-live, and a present he may not survive.

Reviewed on 21st July 2012

MYron Bollitar's third adventure sees the investigator with the unlikely background back on the basketball court as a team brings him in to find a missing player. It's a good romp of a novel that allows the reader to disengage their brain to just the right extent - enough to take things with a pinch of salt but still to try to work things out before the characters.

If anything, I thought this book was a little tamer than those that precede it - less is made of the characters' unusual skills / histories, though they keep their 'witty repartee' and implausible immunity. This makes for a plot that feels more realistic and slightly less of the 'Hardy Boys' style of the previous book.

A great book for someone who wants something to read on the beach or train that's not a vacuous waste nor serious literature, and even adds a bit of real character development into the mix.

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