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Forthcoming Star Trek novels

VOY: Architects of Infinity

VOY: Architects of Infinity

Published: March 2018
ISBN: 9781501138768

As Voyager continues to lead the Full Circle Fleet in its exploration of the Delta Quadrant, Admiral Kathryn Janeway remains concerned about the Krenim Imperium and its ability to rewrite time to suit its whims. At Captain Chakotay's suggestion, however, she orders the fleet to focus its attention on a unique planet in a binary system, where a new element has been discovered.

Several biospheres exist on this otherwise uninhabitable world, each containing different atmospheres and features that argue other sentient beings once resided on the surface. Janeway hopes that digging into an old-fashioned scientific mystery will lift the crews' morale, but she soon realizes that the secrets buried on this world may be part of a much larger puzzle - one that points to the existence of a species whose power to reshape the galaxy might dwarf that of the Krenim.

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DISCO: Fear Itself

DISCO: Fear Itself

Published: June 2018

Lieutenant Saru is a Kelpien, a member of a prey species born on a world overrun by monstrous predators, and a being who very intimately understands the nature of fear. Challenged on all sides, he is determined to surpass his origins and succeed as a Starfleet officer aboard the USS Shenzhou. But when Saru breaks protocol in order to prove himself to his crewmates, what begins as a vital rescue mission to save a vessel in distress soon escalates out of control. Forced into a command role he may not be ready for, Saru is caught between his duty and the conflicting agendas of two antagonistic alien races. To survive, he will need to seek a path of peace against all odds, and risk compromising the very ideals he has sworn to uphold.

VOY: To Lose the Earth

VOY: To Lose the Earth

Published: December 2018

The author has confirmed she's writing this, her tenth Voyager continuation novel. While a stand-alone, it will follow on from threads introduced in Architects of Infinity.

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