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One False Move
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One False Move

ISBN: 9781409117100


Myron Bolitar might have a slightly dubious past, but he knows how to handle himself and is doing just fine as a sports agent. And then he meets Brenda Slaughter, one of the hottest female sports stars around. She's gorgeous, funny and single, and also seems to have mislaid her agent. But when her father disappears, and the Mob starts leaning on her, it soon becomes apparent that potent forces are at work. And the more Myron tries to help, the closer he gets to losing his heart - and his life...

Reviewed on 10th February 2013

In his fifth adventure, so-called sports agent Myron Bollitar is asked to protect a potential new client from unspecific threats following the disappearance of her father. As usual, this leads to a riot of violence, flippant comments and poking his nose around New England's elite.

I didn't really engage with this entry in the series as much as some of the earlier ones. The plot seems quite vague through much of the novel, and there's not a lot to do as a reader except follow on the ride. The ongoing story around Myron and his friends feels sidelined, although it is present in small doses, and some of the minor characters become a means to an end rather than standing by their own right.

It remains entertaining in a corny way - slightly less Hardy Boys for adults than the first few books but still written very much with the author's tongue in his cheek. It's a good series for light, mindless reading that doesn't insult your intelligence by being too implausible.

Overall, not the best in the series, but not a bad read. I got through it quite quickly without feeling like I was forcing myself to keep reading - it was not hard to read.

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