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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

23rd June 2019

Chris Brookmyre’s latest stand-alone novel is a surprisingly dark exploration of a family’s secrets, which gradually emerge over the course of a holiday in Portugal following the death of the patriarch.

The narrative is incredibly compelling, and Brookmyre has produced a text that’s so filled with mystery and intrigue that it was hard to put down. However it’s also got some pretty horrific moments, which are spread throughout, and make for quite difficult reading when you realise what’s being said.

There are multiple twists throughout, including one which had me throw down the book in delighted exasperation that it had managed to keep me going for so long.

I really enjoyed reading this and would totally recommend it, although it should probably come with appropriate trigger warnings.

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Places in the Darkness

Places in the Darkness

23rd March 2018

Christopher Brookmyre, known for earlier comedic and latterly serious crime novels takes a second step into science fiction with this tale of a future space station, its new head of law enforcement and a local cop who knows the place like the back of her hand.

Brookmyre presents a future which is a rounded blend of positive and negative. The people of his world are socially liberal but fiscally conservative, which isn’t quite what their government want them to be. Things really kick off when there's a brutal murder aboard the space station, and some people really want to cover it up.

While the graphic storytelling, humour, characters and society are reminiscent of Brookmyre's usual output, the narrative felt like it had quite a different structure. It's told in the present tense (which as always takes me a while to get used to) but this also means the narrative is pretty much chronological, whereas a lot of Brookmyre's books tell a large part of the plot in flashback.

While not unenjoyable, I didn't feel the book sparked for me as much as his earlier works.

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Want You Gone

Want You Gone

25th May 2017

After a few quite hard crime novels, it feels like Chris Brookmyre has relaxed a little back towards his earlier more comedic style with this book. While it's still a solid crime type novel, it is slightly lighter in tone and focussed on a less horrific type of crime.

This time out, disgraced journalist Jack Parlabane has a new gig, and is telling fascinating stories about hackers, when one of his sources decides it's time to cash in a favour. And it's a complicated one.

The issues dealt with in the story are really contemporary, and I loved how a room YRS has used elements he's slowly been introducing to pull together a story that takes current affairs from a number of different perspectives, and weaves them into a story that is not only action-packed, but also character-driven and that makes you think.

Another really great story that distracted me well from goings-on in the real world and got me back into reading much more regularly than I have recently.

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Black Widow

Black Widow

25th March 2016

Brookmyre's original hero, now-disgraced journalist Jack Parlabane, returns in the next of the author's serious crime novels, when he's asked to look into the apparently accidental death of a hospital IT worker. As usual there's a lot going on and a fantastically dark set of characters to keep the reader guessing where things are going.

Like most of the author's novels, much of the story is presented retrospectively, in the form of flashbacks interspersed with contemporary events. This time there are multiple points of view thrown into the mix as well as multiple timeframes, but Brookmyre manages to bring each scene together into a beautifuly flowing narrative that reveals just the right amount of information to the reader at every turn. I picked up on some of the twists well in advance, but on reflection I suspect that was by design and they were telegraphed partly to distract me from everything else that was going on.

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Dead Girl Walking

Dead Girl Walking

11th February 2015

Following on from 2014's ebook short, investigative reporter Jack Parlabane is finally back on the page and in the centre of a new story. Down on his luck after the real life events that have affected the British press, he's invited to take on a unique secret investigation by an old friend.

The events of the short story ([On] The Last Day of Christmas) are surprisingly important backstory for some of the events here and I certainly felt that if I hadn't read it first I'd be at least a little confused, if not frustrated, by the constant references back to it.

This book is actually surprisingly serious is tone and content. The days of the early Parlabane comedies, and the following eras of satire and even fantasy and gone and replaced with the more hard crime focus of Brookmyre's other recent novels. Despite this, it remains a thoroughly engaging read and has moments of levity throughout.

One common aspect of the author's other books does remain however - a good chunk of the story is told in flashback, this time through the journal of one of the new characters, which alternates through the chapters with Parlabane's viewpoint. This distribution makes for a plot that moves at a good pace and reveals things to the reader with perfect timing, and avoids the issue that some of his earlier books have with a sudden change of pace and focus halfway through.

I really liked this book and once again will recommend it widely. I especially loved a moment about two thirds through where the opening line of a chapter really surprised and indeed delighted me. As always I look forward to many more adventures for the author and his characters.

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On the Last Day of Christmas

On the Last Day of Christmas

1st November 2014

Jack Parlabane, famed investigative journalist with unorthodox methodoly and star of many of Brookmyre's earlier novels returns after several years' absence in this short novella with unclear title (the ebook's title begins with the word 'On', but this word is absent on the cover image). In this tale we find the character down on his luck, working the news factory for a daily paper in London, when coincidence lands a promisingly juicy story in his lap.

While it is short - parts of two train journeys was enough to get through it - it's typical of the classic Brookmyre style, with witty narrative, amusing situations and a fantastically entertaining choice of language throughout. Yet it also makes you think, and has a really solid core of plot and character behind it.

I'm very much looking forward now to the new novel in January (2015) and hoping that this short shows the way of things to come. Excellent if you already love the Brookmyre comedic novels, and probably quite a good introduction for the first timer.

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Flesh Wounds

Flesh Wounds

15th August 2013

The third book in Christopher Broomyre's serious crime series following private investigator Jasmine Sharp and her police counterpart Catherine McLeod delves more into the characters' pasts as a familiar character is arrested.

Although the plot was solid throughout and the characters interesting, it felt too much like just another crime novel and didn't have the Brookmyre spark that I've come to look forward to.

A large proportion of the story is presented in flashback, as is often the case in Brookmyre's writing, but in this case I found it surprising that there was so much still to learn about characters we've already spent two books with. It felt quite like it was wrapping things up, and that everything we haven't yet learnt was being thrown at the reader rather than drip-fed, and as such seemed like it might be the final entry in the series.

Overall, it was okay, and there were some places that the humorous violence of Brookmyre's earlier work pokes its head through, but I didn't connect with it in quite the same way.

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