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Cover of Survivors | 5th April 2015, 16:24  
It's been eight months since I read book number 3 in my Star Trek: The Next Generation re-read, and I've finally got to reading book 4, Jean Lorrah's Survivors. My thoughts on the content can be found elsewhere, but here's the cover image from the US Pocket Books edition:

Blog Image

The UK edition is almost identical, which was a surprise given the differences in the earlier books. This time, it's just the publisher logo swapping to the top right, the more prominent numeral (4) on an oval background in the top left, and a change of typeface and layout for the text. The cover image appears to be identical across the two versions.

The image is actually very striking, including portraits of Tasha Yar and Data - who are indeed the main characters of this novel - imposed over a skyline that represents the planet they visit in the story. There's also a slightly weird layer in between which seems to show two characters in bare feet walking through Tasha's hair.

The two portraits are good representations of their subjects, both taken from publicity stills for the first season, and it's nice to see Tasha get this prominence for a character that might have risked not selling a story particularly well (though maybe the fandom at the time was clamouring for more Tasha?).

Blog Image Blog Image

The skyline isn't how I envisioned the planet, but on reflection could easily be the one described in the pages of the novel, but the two people walking through Tasha's hair confuse me.

I'm not sure who they are meant to be - Data and Tasha? Tasha and one of the book's guest characters? The man looks like he's wearing a battered Starfleet uniform, though I don't recall one falling apart like that in the story - there are times where Tasha is out of uniform though, so it could be her. That layer just feels out of place though, and I'm not sure why the artist felt the need to add it.

Overall though a very good cover and one that certainly attracted me to want to read the book, which I also very much enjoyed.

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