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Harry Potter and the Rise in Knife Crime | 26th February 2008, 22:50  
The good old media newshounds have been raving recently about the rise in knife crime, but could the cause be hiding in plain sight?

Yes, I'm talking about J. K. Rowling's ever popular Harry Potter series of books, films, games, jellies and other assorted spin-offs that have invaded the world over the past decade. In the first novel, Harry is taken by the giant mafia boss Hagrid (his big beard disguise didn't disguise Valentin Zuckovsky from GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough) to 'Olivander's' to buy his first 'magic wand'.

The 'magic wand' - a device so powerful that it can get you whatever you want. Throughout the series, Harry and his friends often conceal their wands inside their clothing, pulling them out to threaten or to duel with their enemies. Doesn't this strike anyone as being slightly similar to knives?

Some people criticise Harry Potter for promoting Witchcraft, while others defend it as it is purely fantasy, however young children could be reading more into it than naive adults can manage. Children are told to imagine a world where they can defend themselves against school bullies, or alternatively to bully their peers, using a pointed weapon they can keep in their pocket.

Wouldn't you want to be just like Harry Potter?

Potter Attacks
"Hand over your lunch money, punk!"


ASH | 28th February 2008, 08:22  
Will SOMEBODY please think of the children! Love the tabloid-esque use of bold there Jim. =P

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