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Daffyd is the creator and controller of the nexiverse in which Team Nexus live. Initially, it was he who was hired by the Wisemen Council to create a pocket universe, but he and the other members of Team Nexus decided that the Wisemen should not have that power, and ran away into the nexiverse. His psychological profile from his employment record at Mad Science Inc described him as an "egomaniac and paranoid loan wolf with bad hair".


Upon entering the nexiverse, Daffyd somehow bound himself with it, and can no longer fully leave, meaning that in other universes he appears ghostlike, and is unable to physically interact with his surroundings. He also has the ability to select who can see him. Inside the nexiverse however, Daffyd has the ability to "warp reality", or to create and destroy items at will - he is particularly adept at furnishings, however any food he creates tastes of old socks. Unlike the other two remaining members of the original Team Nexus, Daffyd's memory has not been completely wiped, as he demonstrated by recalling the form of Jessica Peters when programming Huggy. He also later admitted that when he wiped their memories, he left himself with a few regarding the controls for he nexiverse.

When Tm'dar entered the nexiverse, she revealed that Daffyd had become a half-elf, thus explaining the shape of his ears (which had previously been attributed to 'Yoda Fever') and that he could speak elvish. Physically, he appears as a 20 year old human, however mentally he resembles a 20 year old elf (roughly equivalent to a five year old human). Daffyd has been seen in recordings that he left for the team as a full-elf. Somehow his intelligence increases when required.

The character of Daffyd is of course based on the real life artist of these comics.


Ash was an inventor of gadgets at Mad Science Inc. when he was recruited onto Team Nexus. He had previously worked on Project Firestorm (about which they do not speak) and worked with Jim to create a sentient robot by copying their own brain patterns. When the team entered the Nexiverse, Ash's memories of the past were wiped, but he gained the ability to manipulate gravity along with a cat's tail and sense of smell. He did not however gain the ability to see in the dark. His one true Nemesis is Cap'n Conflict - an alternate personality of Daffyd's.

Several alternate versions of Ash have been seen, including a robot, a hippy, and an evil version who had disposed of his Jim and Daffyd.

The character of Ash is based on the owner of, where these comics are hosted.

Jim worked with Ash at Mad Science Inc. before entering the Nexiverse and having his memory wiped. He is rumoured to be able to fix anything, although as yet has had no luck restoring Huggy to her original appearance. He has a red right eye, which he initially thought was a contact lens which he was contractually obliged to wear, but later discovered (with the air of a biro) was not. It was revealed by Professor Stanston and Glass that Jim is now a cyborg, and that the red eye is a cybernetic organ which glows. He contains nanobots which can repair him when damaged, as well as assess other lifeforms and control electronic doors.

The wisemen believed that Jim had died after being shot in the head by Phair, however he survived, either by being a cyborg or being transformed into one. Whilst on the planet Arendi, a Drow named Hok'ub placed a tracking spell on Jim, which enables the Wisemen to locate him whenever he enters a universe.

In at least one alternate universe, Jim is known as 'The Big J'.

The character of Jim is based on the real life webmaster of and the associated KillerFish websites.

Huggy is a mispronunciation of HGUI (Holographic Graphical User Interface), and may have been designed by Jim and programmed by Jessica. Her AI is based on an anonymous 'donor', which is suspected to have been Daffyd. Initially she was projected by a small sperical projector, however she was transferred to the nexiverse's own systems and no longer appears inside a yellow beam of light.

Huggy was found by Daffyd in a box labelled 'Deus Ex Machina' and has said she was designed to 'release information'. She does not yet have the hang of language, and occasionally makes accidental double entendres - she also does not understand some human concepts, such as 'cuteness'. She is currently stuck in the form of Jessica Peters, however has also appeared as a garden gnome, Huggy Bear, and a nondescript floating head above a trench coat. Huggy professes not to know what Jessica looked like however. Jim has recently programmed her a new subroutine to stop the others from altering her appearance.

Despite her remit to release information, she has promissed that she will not reveal some things to the team, and there are some things she will only release given a special password. She also carries recordings made by Daffyd which occasionally are played to give information to the team. She also has an overactive paronoia algorithm.

Tm'Dar is a Drow who was rescued by Ash from a group of other Drow who were chasing her for unknown reasons on the planet Arendi (universe P729466). Daffyd took her into the Nexiverse, where somehow she is able to communicate with the other members of the team. She has an ability to persuade others to take actions they would not ordinarily take. Being from a 'fantasy based' universe, she has a limited understanding of technology.

When she was young a Drow soothsayer predicted that she would one day mother the 'greatest warrior of all time', and so her parents locked her away to protect her from the violent inhabitants of her planet. She had an elder sister who died falling from a clifftop.



Cass is a cyborg who sometimes uses the codename 'Krissy'. When she lost her arms and leg in an accident, they were replaced by mechanical ones. She then joined a rebel cell in the Wisemen's universe, Parallel HS-131#A.

During an attack by the Wisemen, her friend Glass stunned her and asked Jim and Daffyd to take her away from the war. She has since suffered survivors' guilt.


Professor Stanston

The Professor claims to be a mole on the Wisemen Council, working for a rebel cell. He knew Jim before Jim's memory was wiped. He said that he ensured the rebel cell had a 'haven of freedom,' within Parallel HS-131#A, however this was later discovered by the Wisemen.

The leader of the Wisemen Council. He was irreversibly transformed into a living shadow in a failed experiment to create his own nexiverse. Before the accident he looked very similar to Jim, only with longer hair. He now appears to have a star behind his eyes.


Possibly the youngest member of the Wisemen Council, Alex is a Category 3 mad scientist. He is often mistaken for a female, and is ridiculed for his feminine looks. He is the twin brother of Jessica Peters, and naturally has ginger hair, which he dies black.

A robot designed and created by Jim and Ash at Mad Science Inc., and given a personality based on both of theirs. They sold him for scrap, and he is now the muscle of the Wisemen. He has control over other robots, and was believed to have killed Jim.


A member of the Wisemen Council, who only got in on his grandfather's recommendation. He is described as a spoilt jerk, who nobody likes. He is a category 2 mad scientist.

One of the Wisemen we have yet to see.


Jessica was the fourth team member on Project Nexus, and is thought to be dead. Huggy's appearance is based upon her. Huggy left her out of her explanation to Daffyd, Ash and Jim, but we do not know why.

Jessica was formerly a junior member of the Wisemen, assigned to keep an eye on Team Nexus as they built the nexiverse. She turned her back on the Wisemen after an incident involving her brother.

Recently she has been found to have survived, and is living on 'the island' and working for Nought.

GLASSA cyborg member of the rebel cell in Parallel HS-131*A. Glass was apparently a childhood nickname. His bionic enhancements include a cybernetic eye and a skull phone. His humour upgrade malfunctioned and is now stuck in sarcasm mode. Glass does not like Jim, however the reasons for this are not yet known. He loved Cass, although never admitted this to her.

The interface between Glass's technological and biological components degraded during an attack by the Wisemen, and he was believed to have died in battle.

In fact, he survived and was recruited by Nought, who he now lives with on 'the island'.


A mysterious operative who lives on 'the island'. S/he has recruited Jess and Glass to work for him/her.

Two elvish brothers. Garrian plans to become the 'world's best warrior'.