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About Khatru

The Basics of Khatru

Khatru is a rookie Webcomic written and drawn by a college student in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Khatru features a large cast of characters who live in the basement of a converted University Administrations building, Bosley Hall.

My influences for Khatru extend through the world of Webcomics, past classical literature, touches upon progressive rock music and edges into the realm of the fantastic. Some of these influences include (copyrights go to those who own them): "It's Walky", "El Goonish Shive", "College Roomies from Hell!!!", "Sluggy Freelance", "The Wotch", "8-Bit Theater", "XKCD", "Dresden Codak"; the works of Stephen King, TV, the bands Yes, Genesis, Symphony X, Dream Theater and Emerson, Lake and Palmer; the Final Fantasy series; books about sociology, philosophy and pop culture; This is rapidly becoming a Facebook "About Me" section.

Khatru updates roughly once a week, either on Thursday night or early Friday morning (US Central Time).

The Main Characters of Khatru (coming soon)

Flynn St. Germaine

Hometown: Taylorville, Illinois

Leonard "Ranger" Ranger

Hometown: Colombus, Ohio

Kira Hicks

Hometown: [Classified], California

McKaela Frey

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

The Secondary Characters (coming soon)

Ross Decker

Nolan Piller

Dale Voit

Ike Brady

Randi Asche

Gwendolyn Kern

Miles Hogan

Tessa Rosen

Ben Cayce

Leah Gooch

Lindsey Keefe

The Emo Kid