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2009-09-25 - Khatru 43 - FrankenRanger 11

Artist Comment
Ahem. So I'm still alive, obviously. I've just been hellaciously busy. First, came a distaste of how I was drawing the comic. I stopped to try and improve the character's posing. Then came the rise of The Great House-Painting Attempt. That swallowed up most of August. Then came the move back to school, and band camp. Now, I'm settling into my routine here. Another hiccup is that I can't seem to access this site via Firefox. I'm doing this in a version of Safari I downloaded. Here's what my plan is for the immediate future of Khatru: I'm going to finish up the FrankenRanger storyline, then start something a little bit different. In addition to my attempts to improve my art, I'm trying to come up with ways to make the comic more interesting to read. I'm not sure how steadily I'll be able to update, because I really need to focus on my classwork, so I can graduate and become a productive member of society. Stay tuned!