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2009-05-01 - Khatru - One Year Anniversary

Artist Comment
We should get a cake that little one-year-old Khatru can splat around in it. It's tradition! I've been planning something for today for a while, since before I went on the hiatus (which might be over, we'll see how next week goes [I've got the rest of 34 drawn, I just need to computer it]), and I'm happy to finally unveil it. I tried to feature characters that were particularly active this past year. On your left, we've got Randi, Ike and Miles, who have been featured in the stutteringly-updated Khatru Gaiden (I assure you I've got a plan to deal with this problem). Then we've got the main characters. Flynn, Bristol the magically summoned chicken, Mikaela (1st official retcon (cliche no. 2) - McKaela doesn't seem like a real way to spell the name), a guy in a suit who's supposed to be me (there's three cliches down!), Ranger and Kira. Then, we've got Lindsey who was featured with Ross in the Khatru Tales text story. With Ross are his friends Nolan and Dale. I couldn't figure out a way to include the rest of the cast without starting to draw them all really small, something I'm not good at (see Miles for an example of this). Maybe next time they'll have done enough for me to consider them active (just now, I'm thinking I should have put Gwendolyn, Tessa and the Emo Kid from the holiday special, whoops). Anyway, this is getting prohibitively long, so let me just say thanks once again for the support you've all given me over the year. If it weren't for my dozen of fans, I'd probably have given up the comic around the time that guy calling himself Jesus made fun of it.