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About KeenFans

KeenFans. One word, with a lot of meaning.

Technically, KeenFans are people who read
and enjoy the many fine webcomics provided by Keenspot, the web-comic host. A
KeenFan will post on the Keenspot forums, annoy the hell out of their favourite
author, and possibly draw fan-art too.

KeenFans is also this comic. A fan-art
series focusing not only on the characters of another comic, but on the fans who
read the comic, who are funnier, smarter, deeper, and a lot more stranger than
any fictional character could ever hope to achieve. KeenFans is a world where
the characters, authors, and fans all co-exist and interact.

There are in-jokes. Since I hang out on the
El Goonish Shive forums, I tend to use a lot of the terms found there. I try
('try' being the operative word) to keep these to a minimum.

I suspect that I won't get through this
'About' without mentioning the support of the readers/stars/writers/fan-artists.
Without them reading the comics and posting about it, and wanting to appear in a
comic, I doubt I would have drawn more than five. Their interaction with me is
what drives me to make the comics, their interaction with each other gives me
the material I need to write the comics, and the fan-art they draw (Drayco, I'm
looking at you in particular) sometimes inspires me to take the stories into new

I guess what I'm saying is this; KeenFans
belongs to me, and KeenFans belongs to you, the reader. So keep commenting on
the thread, keep sending me scripts, and most especially, keep drawing. I like a
good funny comic, just as much as the next KeenFan.

Daffyd "KillerFish" Wagstaff

"Those that are in the comic have something
to take pride in. But it is nothing more then those that read it and made it
what Keenfans became to us all." - Squato