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Footprints Under the Window

Footprints Under the Window

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ISBN: 0448089122


In an effort to recover a top-secret instrument needed by the space program, the Hardy boys travel to South America, hot on the trail of a notorious ring of spies.

Reviewed on 21st December 2014

Hardy Boys book twelve, as updated in 1965, sees the sibling detective teenagers rescue a man who has fallen overboard, and who gives them a cryptic warning about footprints before disappearing. It's a good adventure story that includes some international travel.

Parts of the story feel dated, and to an adult reader a little bit odd - as in one of the earlier stories, references to unfriendly countries are vague and don't feel a natural part of the narrative. On the other hand, they added a little grandeur to the story that some of the earlier books were lacking with an over reliance on a particular type of criminal.

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