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The Secret of the Crooked Cat
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The Secret of the Crooked Cat

ISBN: 9780006907008


A weird mystery intrigues The Three Investigators when Carson's Carnival comes to town, for they soon find that someone is out to destroy the funfair and its owner. Jupe, Pete and Bob set out on a deadly manhunt, with a bizarre toy cat as their only clue to the enemy.

Reviewed on 19th May 2019

One of the classic Three Investigators stories that I remember well from reading as a child. The team set out to locate five stuffed cats, after one is stolen from them at a travelling fair.

It contains all the elements that make up the best of this series. A guest child that needs help, a bunch of creepy adults with their own agendas, and a mystery that’s just scary enough.

It’s a great tale, if a little dated now, and a thrilling adventure for the characters.

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