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A Foreign Country

A Foreign Country

ISBN: 9780007346431


Six weeks before she is due to become the first female head of MI6, Amelia Levene disappears without a trace.

Disgraced ex-agent Thomas Kell is brought in from the cold with orders to find her - quickly and quietly. The mission offers Kell a way back into the secret world, the only life he’s ever known.

Tracking her through France and North Africa, Kell embarks on a dangerous voyage, shadowed by foreign intelligence services. This far from home soil, the rules of the game are entirely different - and the consequences worse than anyone imagines.

Reviewed on 15th December 2018

I’m not entirely sure where I picked up this, the first novel by Charles Cumming that I’ve read, but I’m very glad I did.

Thomas Kell is a recently excommunicated intelligence agent, struggling to find his place in the outside world, when the opportunity comes to find his way back in, when a case comes up that nobody on the inside can be trusted with.

I’ve got back into spy novels over the past few years, and I really loved this one. The character of Kell feels very real and relatable, and spending time with him was a pleasure. The plot is similarly enticing,

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