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Parsnips, Buttered

Parsnips, Buttered

ISBN: 9781473640436

Reviewed on 22nd October 2017

This is a comedic book of advice, based on examples from the author's own life, of how to be silly about things. It reads very much in his voice, as when tells similar stories during his stand-up routines, and the sense of humour is very clear.

The book is constructed of a series of short chapters, which each tell a different anecdote, often featuring false identities that Lycett has created online to perpetuate his particular brand of mischief. This makes for an incredibly easy to read book that I devoured in two sittings, chuckling throughout.

If you enjoy his humour on television, then you will find this is very much in the same vein, and you should give it a try. The illustrations are excellent too.

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