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Class A
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Class A

ISBN: 9780340881545


When Cherub kids go undercover, no one suspects that they are trained professionals, working to infiltrate criminal organisations that have eluded MI5 and the police for years.

James Adams is on his biggest mission yet, working to nail Europe's most powerful cocaine dealer. He'll need all his specialist training if he's going to bring down the man at the top.

Reviewed on 11th August 2012

The second book in Robert Muchamore's Cherub series continues the adventures of 12-year-old secret agent James Adams, who takes on a mission to infiltrate a gang of drug dealers.

It's an improvement on the first book, in which the plot was slightly disjointed, and continues the author's surprising grip on realism in depicting teenage life. Unlike characters in other 'young adult' novels, these people seem like they could be real - using the right sort of language and having the right reference points to appeal to an age-group that is under-served by literature.

The plot features drugs, relationships, burglary and vandalism, and some parents may consider that this makes it unsuitable for younger readers - I'd recommend if they have doubts they should read it first. However the repercussions of taking drugs, having relationships and committing crimes are duly shown (fitted naturally into the plot) and my opinion is that it's a very good way of exploring these issues without it seeming like a lecture.

It's a great book for the teenage market and I wish I'd had something like this to read when I was that age.

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