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Kobayashi Maru
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Kobayashi Maru


ISBN: 9781416554806


Under orders from Starfleet, Captain Jonathan Archer and Captain Erica Hernandez, commanders of the two most powerful starships in the fleet, have been reduced to convoy duty: no more than glorified babysitting. Both captains are convinced that something systematic and purposeful lies behind recent attacks, and Captain Archer believes he knows who is responsible - the Romulans.

Reviewed on 10th January 2009

Another gripping tale of the post-tv series Enterprise crew as they move towards the historical war referred to in TOS. It is a follow-up to The Good That Men Do, which is required reading to understand this tale.

Although looking back on it there doesn't seem to have been a great amount happening, this is probably only because it's a middle book in a series, and it's taking the crew from one place to another, with no particular plot to resolve at the end.

It is a gripping read, as are all of M&M's Trek novels, and there's always a lot happening. As can be told from the title, the story of the original Kobayashi Maru no-win-scenario is a major feature, along with some surprising deaths and an unprecedented gay Klingon.

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