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2010-12-05 - Intermission - The Sheyleron Saga - Page 21

Artist Comment
I can't believe this took me so long. I will correct any typos later. Until then, behold the details. By the way, this guy called Dexter Phantom? He may look silly, with that hair of his, or he may look badass. Whatever the case, the idea to give him the long hair is pretty old. About 7 years ago, I saw a site that was mocking Castlevania characters, or something like that, and it had this caption for a picture of Richter Belmont saying "The fate of the world depends on one man who can't see through his own hair". I found the idea funny, and decided to do something with it, so Dexter Phantom, the eccentric, badass, fish-out-of-the-water space captain was born. But more on that later.