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2009-10-27 - The FAN - Rock4Life/Love4Life - Shining Justice

Artist Comment
Another record size. Anyone remember her? The creepy Blind Hermit who's supposedly a main character but had even less screentime than Mustache Bob? Originally, I was going to do all those little panels, but I was cut short due to time constrains. Then I remembered how her omnivision (I call it Spiral-Eye, but that's unimportant for now) looked like the last time it was used, so I tried to do a wamped up version of that. It didn't really work, and looked a lot like a mindscape scene from earlier this episode. So I tried something different and this is what I came up with. Also, you may have noticed that I brought back Keysha's hammer. Shining Justice is basically it's name, and Keysha started calling it on the previous page. It's a cliche name, not to mention pretty remniscient of Magical Girl anime, but you could say she's the kind who'd be into that stuff, so it kinda suits her.