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2009-02-28 - The FAN - Rock4Life/Love4Life - Caffe Tabbaco

Artist Comment
A few years ago, when I was only planning on starting a webcomic, this caffe was meant to be a central element of the plot, being the place where the Juniors' League would occasionally meet and discuss their daily achievments. The caffe's introduction statement was meant to be repeated for every single scene that took place here, like in some sci-fi show I used to watch around that same time. Well, I abbandoned that idea. But the caffe is still here, along with the story's original main characters, who may or may not be refferred to as the Juniors' League in the future. Okay, so first off, this page is crap. The bar-girl of all people took a lot of effort to color, and after that, I lost patience. At least she ain't wearing those bracelets. Please refer back to page 17 of Episode 1, for her first appearence and earlier design.