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2008-11-15 - The FAN - Rock4Life/Love4Life - Jyah?

Artist Comment
Well, this is a relatively new side to Yuki. I wanted to avoid cloning Rumiko Tanaka when I was creating Her, and decided to make her the polar opposite. Instead of the shy, quiet artist, attracted to the western world, Yuki became the obnoxious deliquent, taken out of her natural element against her will. Even so, in a hostile enviroment, she can play the role of the sailor-fuku-clad, blue haired shy schoolgilr relatively well. There are a few things I'd like to take note of. First off, "Jyah" (hopefully) means nothing. I just wanted to come up with a sort of a verbal tic for her, that sounds cute when she's saying it. That's the effect Ruroni Kenshin had on me. Himura looks simply adorable when he gets all chibi and says 'oro'. Secondly, 'Akatsuki' is a Naruto reference, and "ya'know" is my attempt at translating the dreaded "Dattebayo". And lastly, Please direct your attention to the shiny close up of Sonshi's face in panel4. Hopefully, it will distract you from noticing how inconsistent his character design is.