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2008-10-23 - Intermission - The Sheyleron Saga - Page 4

Artist Comment
I admit that I lost patience while making this page. I'm just not patient enough to draw such a crowd. And the ship's interior needs some to be desired. These are all minor characters, though each of them will have a minor role at one point. I even made concept sketches of each. From left to right, the guy in the hat is a recurring background character that also appeared in episodes 2 and 3. The man dressed in Red-yellow-blue was modelled after the stereotypical corrupt politician. The armored man is a generic mercenary captain. The woman with the blue wig (yes, she's a woman) was a last minute addition. I originally thought of her looking more normal, but political correctness demands that I have at least a few ugly characters. I hope she fills in the ugly quota. The tall man is roughly modeled after Aaroniero Arleri from Bleach. The Lovecraftian tentacle monster is a fine specimen of the previously mentioned Corubian race, modeled after the iconic eternal sweeper, lord Wootsaydiditagain, from the webcomic Elf Only Inn. Finally, the chairman's appearance is a parody/tribute to G0T0, a character from Star Wars: KOTOR2.