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In Agreement: Patterns of Interference in Books Pages: 1 Reply

Dodgy Domestic
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   15th October 2017, 12:35 moderated on 19th Oct 2017, 20:13  
Jim, I'm 50 pages out from the end of the book, and though I was enjoying the first 50 pages or so, I realized by the middle that I just didn't really care. Although the politics of the novel align with my own, I felt Bennett was writing in a manner that was . . . careful not to offend? "politically correct"? Yes, our sensibilities have advanced since when the TOS episodes were written, but I thought Trip's internal and external communication to explain his killing of others took me out of the story.

I looked back at my ratings for the first four books of this series and find that it is going to rate well below the others (assuming the last 50 pages don't alter my experience).

And thanks for the review of "Desperate Hours." I was looking forward to buying it, though planning to refrain from reading until after I'd rented and viewed the whole series on DVD, but recently didn't purchase it when I picked up the new DS9 Gamma book. Prior to reading your review, I read a synopsis of the second-book-to-be-published-in-the-series by Ward, and I thought, "Yeah, just like many of the novels set in the TOS era of the last several years, which I've started to skip in favor of other books and authors I'd rather read."
In Agreement: Patterns of Interference in Books Pages: 1 Reply