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Prey Trilogy in Books Pages: 1 Reply

Dodgy Domestic
(Felis catus)

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   5th February 2017, 05:49    

I've appreciated your reviews of the first two books in the Prey trilogy. I just finished The Jackal's Trick Friday and started The Hall of Heroes last night and plan to spend much of today getting into it.

I did not bother with the summer trilogy--already have forgotten the name--as it did not interest me in the slightest. As soon as I got to the part of Hell's Heart in 2284--was that Act II?--I thought "why didn't Pocket make this the official trilogy for the 50th anniversary?" I understand the focus was not the TOS crew, but if the celebration was of Trek in general, these books contain the excitement as well as some disturbing parallels to the current political scene unfolding across the U. S. and Europe at present that are the hallmark of Trek.

Prey Trilogy in Books Pages: 1 Reply