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Force and Motion in Books Pages: 1 Reply

Dodgy Domestic
(Felis catus)

Posts: 19
   31st July 2016, 05:19    

As always, I appreciate your reviews . . . often you raise things I overlooked or had not considered. I found myself enjoying the book more than I expected, given that I knew beforehand it was a "filler" in a way, and in fact, as I continued reading, I discovered I was enjoying it more than even some of the recent books that I thought were quite good.

The humor had me laughing aloud on many occasions, and I found myself really creeped and "scared," something I don't look for when reading novels, given what I read, but was fun to experience. It reminded me of how I felt watching Nog and the Chief skulking around Empok Nor, fighting to survive.

Force and Motion in Books Pages: 1 Reply