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A Pocket Full of Lies in Books Pages: 1 Reply

Dodgy Domestic
(Felis catus)

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   17th April 2016, 05:26    

Just read your review of the novel. I hadn't considered the theme as being one that the author has been exploring of late--something to consider--perhaps overdone. I really liked the novel . . . and started it, hesitant that it might be a disappointment after the previous trilogy, which was one of the most satisfying trio of books I've read in a long time. I was quite impressed with how she wove elements of at least three VOY episodes into the novel. But as usual, it is Kirsten's elucidation of characters and their motivations that I found most compelling. I enjoy spending time in each character's head and visiting his or her world--a far cry from VOY, the series.

I liked the temporal mechanics portion of the plot, though at times I had a hard time visualizing this, and especially enjoyed the character work at the end with Janeway, Chakotay, and Tuvok.

A Pocket Full of Lies in Books Pages: 1 Reply