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Mirror Universe & Disavowed in Books Pages: 1 Reply

Dodgy Domestic
(Felis catus)

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   29th December 2014, 05:50    

Just finished Disavowed and logged on to read your review. Like you, I had no interest in the MU and only read it when DS9 crossed over into it in the Kira/Intendant Kira/Iliana Ghemor trilogy of books. However, having read David Mack comment that Disavowed was a sequel to Rise Like Lions, I decided to buy that book and suffer through it.

Suffering never came into play. It ended up being one of the books I most enjoyed this year. I read the Memory Beta entry for Sorrows Of Empire prior to Rise Like Lions and that helped ground me.

If nothing else, I heartily recommend Rise Like Lions--a great read and a useful introduction to the current MU prior to Disavowed.

Finally, Disavowed was a great book and may just end up being my favorite Trek Lit of the year, though Acts of Contrition is a worthy contender.
Mirror Universe & Disavowed in Books Pages: 1 Reply