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Dodgy Domestic
(Felis catus)

Posts: 19
   6th April 2014, 06:16    

Not only are you a lover of reading and Star Trek and crime fiction/mystery fiction, but you must have an eye for design. I liked the site layout before, and the new one is even better. Congratulations. I know nothing about designing a site--was this months in the works?

Site Owner

Posts: 380
   7th April 2014, 14:42    

You've got me wrong... I have no eye for design, which was evidenced by the old version of the site. Ash ('s other owner) kindly put his design skills to task for this epic redesign project.

It has indeed been months in the works, we started in December (sort of... this is actually version 7 of the books site - versions 2 to 6 were never released) - there are also plans for lots of new features now that the databases no longer need to support the old front end.

Thanks for your kind words about the site - please let us know if you spot any bugs!

Impressive in Books Pages: 1 Reply