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Relaunch in Technical Support Pages: 1 Reply

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   31st March 2007, 22:04   History
Welcome back to Shastrix forums. We've made a few changes to the apperance of various pages (okay, all of them), as well as adding some new features. Examples of these include formatting buttons, smileys, quotes and personal messaging.

Any comments or suggestions are of course still welcome for continuing to improve these forums.

One suggestion we have already had is for personalised colour schemes, so we'll be looking to implement this at some point - if anyone has any ideas for colours then please let us know.

Oh yes, you need to enable personal messaging in your profile in order to make use of this feature. For new users it is enabled by default. And as you can see there is a new edit post (and post history) feature.
Relaunch in Technical Support Pages: 1 Reply