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The place for random rants.... in Shastrix Pages: 1 Reply

Feral Feline
(Felis catus)

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   4th September 2006, 03:03    
I thought i should set this topic up for all of the random things that peeps want to chat about that don't fit into any of the other categories.

For instance.... I have a part time job at a supermarket and yesterday i was subject to a scam.
A foreign lady came to the checkouts and bought 3 items equalling 96p.... she then asked for 50 credit to be put onto 4 phone top up cards. When you ask for payment she gives you a post office card that can only be used at the post office!!!! The lady tries to stall you as you explain that you can only use these cards at the post office!!!!!! 'suddenly' she cannot understand you.

Now the scam is that if you do not void the transaction within a certain time the till shows the transaction as voided BUT the money has already been transferred to the cards. So the supermarket has lost 200 and the lady walks out the store having paid 96p with 200 on phone top up cards......

Don't worry though i voided the transaction in time! I mean who ever has 50 onto a pay as you go phone - let alone 4 times!!!!
Site Owner

Posts: 92
   4th September 2006, 20:08    
That is a rather cunning trick... Far more thought went into that than the guy who wanders into the store a few times a week, in the same white cap, talking on the same clamshell mobile phone and tries to slide 30" plasma screen out of the door from the general merchandise department.

So glad I escaped there?
Feral Feline
(Felis catus)

Posts: 9
   5th September 2006, 00:48    
It got to take some balls for a man to attempt to just walk off with a 30" TV though!
TBH, it doesn't surprise me what levels people will stoop to these days - all for simple material goods.
The place for random rants.... in Shastrix Pages: 1 Reply