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Introduction in The FAN Pages: 1 Reply

B.T. Isaac
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   6th August 2007, 22:27    
Time to post something in this forum, I think.
So with "already" 3 pages (and a fourth today, if we're lucky) The FAN has begun and will hopefully grow into the project I was planning for months now. If everything goes well, it will last for several years. Extended hiatuses are expectable, but I'm not planning on ending it before it ends.
The FAN was inspired by several comics and books, mostly webcomics like El Goonish Shive, It's Walky and Faans!, but it's not a rip off of any sort. These only served as a source of inspiration. The main source of inspiration was the three years I spent at the Bolyai High School (I spent my first high school year at a different school). Majority of the major characters like Tom, Adelheid and Simon (the three that already apeared) and many of the supporting cast (mrs Moldovan for example) are all (loosley) based on real people whom I meat at high school. Their names were replaced with english ones that are similar to their original hungarian versions, but besides the appearences and personalities they inherited nothing from the original owners.
So if any of you guys finds one of the characters verry much like him/her, know that these are fictional characters in a fictional univers, who were inspired by them, or if you please, their alternates from a paralel universe, that has nothing to do with ours.
Introduction in The FAN Pages: 1 Reply