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B Shastrix
A confused mass or mixture of discussion.
5 Topics
52 Posts
Last Post by ASH
15th April 2008, 04:15
B Technical Support
Any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions.
22 Topics
122 Posts
Last Post by Jim
25th October 2020, 15:13
B Books
A place to discuss novels, particularly those Jim reviews.
29 Topics
66 Posts
Last Post by dbrowning
7th April 2024, 18:51

B BunnyCast Discussion
The official place for all discussion related to this podcast
37 Topics
62 Posts
Last Post by Guest
13th January 2015, 21:00
B BunnyCast Q + A
The official place for questions for and about the podcast
9 Topics
13 Posts
Last Post by theslugcar
22nd March 2010, 13:29
B From the Left and the Right
Discussion relating to this podcast on US politics.
1 Topic
2 Posts
Last Post by ASH
24th August 2011, 01:16

The story of a boy, his friends and a pair of demons who walk among them.
198 Topics
486 Posts
Last Post by B.T. Isaac
25th November 2013, 12:52
B Khatru
The antics of college kids stuck in expanded housing in the dorm's basement.
94 Topics
252 Posts
Last Post by Guest
14th April 2021, 16:50
B S.H.i.N.G.
A sci-fi story of unlocking one's potential, with some romance and tragedy mixed in
35 Topics
500 Posts
Last Post by Sanchay
2nd July 2011, 05:23

Archived Comics
B Ninephase
5 Topics
36 Posts
Last Post by Guest
13th May 2007, 18:29
B Team Nexus
Discuss the story, art and craziness of this comic in relative safety.
289 Topics
1424 Posts
Last Post by Guest
19th April 2022, 04:13
B High Five
Board and comments on the new random webcomic, High Five.
4 Topics
9 Posts
Last Post by Guest
10th April 2011, 06:29
B MC Comic
A mind control comic featured on Shastrix Comics.
44 Topics
89 Posts
Last Post by Guest
9th December 2010, 11:43
B A.F.M.D.
Discussion of Animated Frogs and just why they must die.
11 Topics
30 Posts
Last Post by Guest
10th March 2021, 08:30